Learn English online with the most top notch sites.

Learn English online with the most top notch sites.

English language has become an essential business language in India, be it any industry or field you need to have a decent knowledge about the language. As English is not our native language and many of us did not have a chance to study in an English medium school though English is a subject in most of all the boards.  That is why many Indian students struggle with the language and which directly influence their career and confidence. But the good news is that you don’t have to master the language up to the standard of becoming a proficient teacher, all that you require is that you gain ability to use the language to your advantage in your area of work or study. Now the question arises that how can I grasp the language without going into deep basics and literature. Many of us are both full time student or working and don’t even have time for breaks, what we could do in such a situation. In such crisis internet comes to our rescue and here we are with a post that will provide with some awesome online English tutorials which you could complete in your own time frame. It is the coolest way to learn and enjoy as well.

How this course will help you? If you are a student and learning a subject which is written in English than probably this will help you out. Another way these online courses will help you to face interviews with English conversations. If you are in a job that requires to converse with clients in English than it’s a must to enroll. Ease your life with such online courses you don’t have to attend physical classes.

Here is list of awesome websites to learn English


Englishleap.com has a section which provides you with free resources to learn the language. There are sub sections under it which covers important topics such as Punctuation, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Career related tips and resources. Through quiz and exercises they test ones knowledge and preparation level. There no shortages of resources in this site as video lessons are also available in the free resources section. Englishleap.com comes with an App with a feature to learn the English language in your mother tongue with competition with other app users makes it more interesting.


Yet another multi linguistic website, you could learn multiple languages from this website. The only thing is that this site does not support Hindi language viewing. The site very much easy to use so you are hassle free and learning is fun. You need to register in the site first to access its tutorials; you can also login with a face book id. Busuu has its own feature of social networking where you could connect with people in a meaningful way. The site also comes with a premium membership where you could use other advance feature and also able to download Bussu app. The advantages of Bussu are that you could login with Facebook, very easy to use interface and premium service for more resourceful learning. So guys go check it out for yourself.

Learn English online with the most top notch sites.


Livemocha has a very unique concept, its community based site which helps you learn new languages. To learn any language the Livemocha uses its community members to help you out with the language. First step to avail the Livemocha service is to first register in the site by just filling basic details about you like name, e mail address, date of birth, native language and expected language to learn.

How Livemocha works, say you speak Hindi then you help someone out among the Livemocha community, that way you earn yourself credit points. These credit points are then used to get you English lessons. Isn’t it fun that you help others and get help in turn. For a new member they initially give some credits to start off with the learning. Community driven site with a fun a way learn. Have an experience with yourself.


Memrise has courses to follow to learn languages. This one is an online platform where there are wide varieties of courses related to languages. Registration on the site is easy it also provides registration through Facebook login, after registration you could start off right away. It also comes with a premium service to aid faster learning and downloadable app which helps you learn on the go.


This one is a BBC initiative as is the quality of the course material. The only downside of the BBC website is that the Hindi option is not available in the list. But having said that the quality of the course material is really top notch.

We have chalked out by far the best sites for Indian students to learn the English language. They are all free and have really awesome resources. All the sites fits into any section of the Indian learners be it professionals, job seekers, students or just homemakers. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Learn English online with the most top notch sites.


Duolingo is a website with the multiple language options, from Spanish to german and Portuguese you could learn all these languages including English. Isn’t it cool? This site is boon for Indian students as you can view this Hindi language and that is not all, this site is free of cost, also has an app for iOS and as well as for android. So learn English the easiest way out. So don’t wait just go and check it out for yourself.


Now this one is really interesting as it is specially designed for Indian learners. The best feature of the site is that it tailored courses for different needs and age category. The pre designed courses are available for courses for kids (beginners), school students, working professionals, job seekers, adults etc. Even there is availability of corporate English courses.

That is not all this entire site is offering but it has more to offer, it makes the learning interest more to the learners by using fun ways like apps, games, videos and lecture sessions and stories. This site emphasis on grammar when considering the courses. In order to start off with the course register you with the British Council’s free online English course on FutureLearn.com. All the course material and recourses are for free. The best site I could suggest you.