Greetings! is an innovative career portal for aspirants looking for career options who doesn’t own a college degree and that is what distinguish us from other portals. We believe that there exists a job for everybody.

There are many students out there, because of some reason beyond their control could not earn a college degree, they feel left-out and want a place where their educational and vocational needs could be met.

This is their portal, our team is always working towards providing latest information on job oriented programs, higher education, colleges, vocations, scholarships and inspiring blogs.

What we stand for

We stand for people who do not own a college degree but they inspire to get a great job. Our team envisions for providing articles on research based practical job oriented courses, job openings, reaching out millions of readers across India. We endeavor that all should be included and college degree shall not prevent someone in becoming employable.

scholarships Bag is providing current listing of scholarships offered to Indian Nationals Scholarships for international students abroad, with a particular focus on students who are from countries in the developing world , who wish to pursue fields related to development, and those who are seeking international and national scholarships positions to fund their higher education, Bachelors, Masters, PHD, Fellowships & Award

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