10 Jobs in India without a college degree.

You don’t have a college degree and want to start a career in India. Then this post is just for you, here are 10 real jobs in India which can be done without a college degree.

1) Dog Walking: Dog Walking is a new idea to India but is quite popular in foreign countries where there are people who provide their services to walk the dogs of people. In some big cities in India like Delhi and Mumbai there are dog walkers service providers. You could do it yourself or you could hire people and manage the business all you need to do is take the dog for walking from dog owners and charge on hourly basis. This is a new idea so there is opportunity and scope.

2) Baby sitting and day care: This idea is best for women especially as baby caring comes naturally to them. This could be started as home visits and you could charge on hourly basis or you could start from your home itself. The market has opportunities because there are no short of busy families who require baby sitters or day cares centers to care for their babies in their busy schedules.

3.) Personal Gym and Fitness Trainer: Many people are very health conscious now days and want to achieve ideal health and body for which they like to have personal trainers who could guide them in their pursuit. So, if you are interested in this field then there is no limit because branded gyms and fitness centers pay good salaries to personal trainers. You only require expertise and prior training. This field is ideal for both men and women equally.

4.) Freelance photographers: If photography is your hobby and wants to pursue it as a career then you are right for this job. This job is all year round as there are wedding functions, birthday parties and many other party functions which require photography to capture the moments. This is also a skilled area and more creative and innovative you become with your skills the more customers you attract. Now days there are many wedding photographers who are considered the master of their art.

5.) Modeling: This career is not new but now it has more possibility than ever before as because there are new brands emerging in the market they need models to promote their products. If you think you are confident and enough good looking then go for modeling as a career. Besides earning good money you could also bring in fame. This career has equal openings for both men and women.

6.) Registered Nurse: You don’t have to earn a degree for becoming a registered nurse in India. there are many certificate courses which could help you in registering as a nurse in India from Indian Nursing Council for practicing. After that you could apply in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and even apply for government jobs. Job openings are very high this field.

7.) Wedding Planning & Catering: For those who are good at organizing things and have a niche to organize parties and events, then wedding planning and catering business is for you. You require a small team to start the business, but it requires quite a touch of both the creativity and management as for many people wedding is a lifetime event. Once you are into the business and developed skills than you could develop a profitable business with name.

8.) Make-up artist or beauticians: If you are interested in this field then first get hands on training from a parlor or a professional and after that there you go to becoming a makeup artist or a beautician. This field has scope and money and if you put a great creative art of your own then you could make your own market for yourself. From wedding to cultural events, theaters and movies makeup artists are very much in demand.

9.) Starting a tour and travel planner: This idea requires knowledge about various holiday locations and contacts with hotels, agents and other travel planners. The scope of this business is huge cause traveling with family at locations during holidays and even business travels are round the year which provides an opportunity to start the tour and travel business. But once you are in it then there is no looking back. Investment is also low as you do all your business through phone and internet. You could even link up with many online agencies.

10.) Starting a recruitment firm: Working for oneself is a real pleasure and starting your own recruitment firm is really a good idea. To start with you could set up from home or can also start from a small rented office. Initially building up with few contacts to start with you could slowly build up contacts and expand your services. You earn through charging commission form both party sides.