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PhD Program in Molecular Medicine provided by and at Hannover Medical School in Germany, 2013

Introduction to provider and the scholarship:-

The scholarship is offered for pursuing PhD research in Molecular Medicine by the Hannover Medical School and can be taken at Germany.

The offered PhD study course is designed for students with a M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or Molecular Biology. Provider offers special in-depth seminars for medical students in the first semester. And medical students are welcome to be present at lectures of the Biomedicine or Biochemistry Master programs with the purpose of putting on further knowledge in Basic Sciences.

The eligibility and international applicability:-

This PhD study course is designed for students with a M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or Molecular Biology.

-Students with medical background.

-International MD or MBBS students are very welcome to apply to our three PhD programs. We require however at least 6 months of experimental research experience.

1.) First PhD (fulltime 3-4 years): You join one of our three PhD programs of HBRS, work on an experimental PhD research project and achieve the PhD degree directly after your Staatsexamen. Afterwards you decide if you want to stay in research completely or want to combine a clinical training with research.

2.) At first parts of clinical training (Facharzt), then PhD: Quite a few students start with their clinical training after Staatsexamen for 1-3 years. Then they interrupt their training (after e.g. the common trunk, first diagnostic training), then do their PhD for 3-4 years (fulltime) and after that continue their clinical training. The advantage of this model is that even during full-time PhD you are able to do “Dienste” from time to time in order to show your face in the clinics or diagnostic labs, and get some credits for “Facharztweiterbildung”.

3.) New model (concept), Rotation: Applicants either start with the clinical training or the PhD research work and then within 5-6 years do a combined training. PhD research should however be at least 2 years full-time in one go.

-Applicants will be awarded a PhD degree after 3-4 years. They are welcome to continue their career here in research afterwards. If they want to start a clinical career after PhD in Germany, this is not so easy, depending also on the country of origin. We are most happy to give advice though.

The German and International students can submit an application for this scholarship.

Applying procedure and Deadline:-

Applications for October 2013 intake are accepted from 1st December 2012 until 1st April 2013. To apply for the PhD programs at Hannover Biomedical Research School applicant first have to register. After registration applicants will receive an email including their activation hyperlink. By clicking on this hyperlink, applicants will confirm their registration and they will be able to logon to Please note: if applicants had already applied to our HBRS in previous years, they need to create a new login/register new. Follow the instructions during the application process and submit application after filling in all required fields. Please be aware, that applicants won’t be able to edit their application after submission.

As a part of the application, applications will have to choose two referees who will write a letter of recommendation on their behalf. We have slightly changed the procedure in 2011/12. Please ensure that the email of applicants referee is correct. The system will send a link and login to their referee, so that he/she will be able to directly fill in and upload the evaluation form to their application.

The application closing date is April 1, 2013.

For further information about the application and scholarship please visit the link



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