Developing Countries’ Students are offered with John Allwright Fellowship in Australia, 2013

The fellowship is offered for research in the field of agriculture, it is co funded by (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) ACIAR and AusAID and can be taken at Australia.

The ACIAR Fellowships Scheme was initiated in 1986 to make available the opportunity for partner country scientists involved in ACIAR-supported collaborative research projects to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions.

The chief endeavor of the Scheme is to boost research capacity in ACIAR’s partner country institutions. At the same time as individual awardees will benefit from the Scheme, it is important to note that partner country institutions are the key targets.


The eligibility and international applicability:-

Even if applications are welcome from project staff in both bilateral and multilateral (IARC) projects

  • -applicants must be citizens of a current ACIAR bilateral partner priority country. Currently, these are: Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands (Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu,  Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati); South East Asia (East Timor, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines); South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan); Northern Asia (Western China) and the Republic of South Africa and other African countries with ACIAR projects
  • -Applicants must also be citizens of the country in which they are working. To be eligible for selection, a candidate must:
  • -at the time of applying, hold qualifications that would be assessed to be equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor’s degree in a discipline that is relevant to the proposed area of postgraduate study;
  • -be a scientist or economist from the developing country partner, who is actively involved in a collaborative research project supported by ACIAR at the time of application (in some cases, ACIAR will consider supporting researchers from “advanced pipeline” projects, i.e. in cases where a full project proposal has been approved by ACIAR);
  • -be jointly supported in the application by the Australian and partner country Project Leaders;
  • -obtain approval from both the employing institution and home government training authority who must agree to the absence of the candidate should he/she receive a Fellowship for the period involved in obtaining the postgraduate qualification; and
  • -demonstrate that he/she is employed on a permanent rather than short-term contract basis.
  • All candidates (both successful and unsuccessful), their project leaders, ACIAR Research Program Managers and the post will be advised of the outcome of the selection process as soon as possible after the Training Committee has met, usually within 8 weeks.


Applying procedure and Deadline:-

Australian and partner country project leaders should jointly identify candidates and forward to ACIAR an application using the current John Allwright Fellowship application form endorsed by the employing organisation and government of the collaborating country. One electronic copy and one hard copy of the application form and all attached documentation must be submitted .post. One hard copy should also be sent to the ACIAR Office in the candidate’s home country if applying from the following countries: Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, India and Western China.

There is one call for nominations per year. Candidates must submit their applications by 31 July of the year prior to the study taking place. An offer of an award is only valid for the Australian academic year following the calendar year in which the offer is made.

An offer of an award is only valid for the Australian academic year following the calendar year in which the offer is made.

For further information about the application and fellowship please visit the link



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